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Inuyasha's foolery knows no bounds - Sword 'Play'
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Subject:Inuyasha's foolery knows no bounds
Time:03:24 pm
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Darling and sweet Tessaiga,

My apologies for not responding to your letter earlier.  I was quite occupied with killing-but-not-killing our dear and beloved Jaken.  You see, he has been questioning the motives of my adored Lord Sesshoumaru, and I suppose I came a little overboard with the urging of him to swipe at the toad with me.  How dare Jaken believe that he can hold the affections of my Lord Sesshoumaru, when it is I - I! - who loves him most?

Well, I might share him with dear Kagome, but that is quite another story altogether, do you not think?

So, do tell - has Inuyasha actually showered?  And does he use that scented soap that our dear Kagome favors?  I cannot quite place the fragrance, but it is quite enticing.

Though Inuyasha may not even realize it is scented, the idiot that he is.  He can smell youkai, but he can't smell what is in front of him.  I wonder if he even realized that Miroku and Kagome were an item, oh the scandal, for quite a long time before she ditched him (and smartly) for my wonderful Lord Sesshoumaru.

Well!  This is quite a lengthy letter, so I shall close.


PS:  I am not free, so don't even think of shining your scabbard in an attempt to impress me.
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Time:2004-07-02 04:48 pm (UTC)
Beloved Tenseiga,

Shining my scabbard? Pfft. I'm lucky if Inuyasha washes his hands after slaughtering half a dozen demons or so.

It is difficult to fathom, but yes Inuyasha did indeed shower. Amazing I know. As for soap I don't believe it was scented as for fleas and ticks. Sadly Myouga wasn't being his blood sucking self and missed getting poisoned. I do so hate that flea.

I wonder if Inuyasha knows the true reason Myouga hangs around? And it's not because of loyalty to Dog Breath. No. It's because Dog Breath owed him money...a lot of money. The flea is too much of a coward to collect from your kid...so he hangs on mine. Great huh? another thing I have to deal with.

Ah well, as long as I have your love all is well.

Until we meet once more,

Ps. Kagome and Miroku? My, my I wonder if Kagome knows about Sango and Inuyasha?

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Inuyasha's foolery knows no bounds - Sword 'Play'
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